Industry Renowned and Quality Supplier of Microgreens and Micro Herbs Across Burton Upon Trent, Derby, Stafford & UK 

A Community Urban Farm

Independent urban farm in Burton upon Trent, growing microgreens and micro herbs from organic seeds for coffee shops, restaurants & our local community!

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What are Microgreens ?

Imperial roots are an industry renowned and respected grower and supplier of quality microgreens and seeds. A business founded out of Burton Upon Trent, we supply our decedent, rich and quality micro herbs, microgreens and seeds including our popular micro coriander across Burton Upon Trent, Derby and the UK. Whether you’re an adventurous chef looking to add some spice and spirit to your cooking, or you run a commercial kitchen and want to enhance the flavour on your menu, Imperial Roots quality microgreens, micro herbs and seeds are a perfect product for you.


What are microgreens? Imperial roots microgreens are concentrated nutrient-rich, quality miniature herbs. Grown and nurtured out of Burton Upon Trent, our microgreens are dispatched across Derby, Stafford and the UK. They can grow in an array of fashion and include all the kitchens favourite delicacies. From aromatic micro coriander to vibrant micro cress, imperial roots supply an array of micro leaves and microgreens to suit your requirements. Whether you’re an adventurous cook at home or looking to add that extra kick to your kitchen’s arsenal, micro herbs and microgreens are a great source of beneficial plant compounds and a superfluous addition to your daily antioxidants. 


As a leading supplier of microgreens, we pride ourselves on the quality of our produce and the price we sell them. We ensure all our plants are monitored regularly so that we never lack on quality or taste. From our microgreens and micro herbs to our responsibly sourced seeds, we have a variety for you to choose from, perfect for your coffee shop, restaurant or kitchen. Despite their small size, our produce pack a nutritional punch, often containing higher nutrient levels than more mature produce. Imperial Roots Microgreens vary in taste. Have you tried them before? The flavour varies from neutral to spicy, slightly sour or even bitter, depending on the variety. Their flavour is considered strong and concentrated but when partnered with a blissful dish, the combination of flavour in the kitchen is a true treat to all who cook with them.

If you are wanting to improve the quality of your cooking, or add some further character to your restaurant’s menu, Imperial Roots welcome you to order your microgreens with us today. See our vast collection of micro herbs from micro coriander to micro sunflower shoots. We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our product, but the care taken in delivering them to you.  



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